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Self-made art pieces using various mediums & canvases.

For more artwork, visit my Instagram account listed on the contact page.

Loving Landscape
Kirby & Meta Knight Painting
Brown Long-Eared Bat at Dusk (Mixed Media, 11" x 11.5")
Bob Ross Inspired
Luna Moth Painting
Dolly Parton Portrait
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn Portrait
Grizzly Bear Drawing
Willow Tree Painting
Pop Art Girl Painting
Brain Storm Painting
From Dusk Until Dawn Painting
Watercolor Wolves Painting
Black Paper Pop Art
Vincent Van Gogh & Frida Kahlo Portraits
Final Fantasy Bahamut Commission Drawing
Blue China Inspired Cardboard Box Painting
Drew Barrymore from Ever After Portrait
Waterfall Painting
Cherry Blossom Painting
Sassy Space Drawing
Angelina Jolie as Maleficent Portrait
Scooby Doo Drawings & Key Holder
Bald Eagle Drawing
Pop Art Wonder Woman Painting
Halloween Cat Painting
Tiger Style, Graphite
"Stormy Sunflower" Hand Painted Ceiling Tile (Acrylic Paint)
Alley, Commission Painting
Songbird Drawing
Bride of Frankenstein Flash Pop Art
When the Day Met the Night Drawing & Painting
Lana Del Rey Portrait
Moths with Lanterns Painting
Hand Painted 3D Space Guitar
White Squirrel Brevard NC Drawing
Head Over Heart Black and White Half Brain Half Heart Pencil Drawing
Rainbow Lilly
The Great Wave Turtle
Heart Air Balloon Drawing
Medusa Drawing
Julia Roberts Portrait
SZA Portrait
Hand Painted Ukulele
3rd Eye Drawing
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